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Food & Beverages

Interview with Stoelzle’s Caps & Closures Expert

Caps & Closures for Food & Beverages

There are numerous options available when it comes to caps and closures. Therefore, Stoelzle has a dedicated expert, Ivano Bruno, to help guide clients on everything from selecting the most secure jars, spice jars and bottle closures to sustainability and creative design options. Read on to find out more about Ivano, or click here to contact him directly.

Ivano, tell us more about yourself.

I have more than 20 years experience working in the packaging business, with a dedicated focus on caps and closures. Throughout these two decades I have worked in Sales, Product Training, Purchasing and Quality Management of caps and closures. While I am based in Italy, I have partnered with clients across the EMEA region, Australia, New Zealand and the US.

Why does Stoelzle see itself as an ‘all-in-one’ provider of glass packaging solutions for Food & Beverages?

What sets Stoelzle Glass Group apart from the rest is that we are, first and foremost, a glass manufacturer with extensive knowledge and experience. This is why we understand the compatibility of closures with bottles, and as glass experts, we have become accustomed to guiding all stages of glass bottle production. Having cultivated relationships with esteemed caps and closures producers, Stoelzle additionally provides an unparalleled holistic, cost-competitive, customer-centric approach.

What does the process of sourcing closures for Food & beverages via Stoelzle look like?

Every glass container and glass bottle needs a closure. Stoelzle can cap it all. Whether you’re looking for a simple cap for common, everyday containers or an elaborate, bespoke closure, Stoelzle has the ideal solution. We have a wide range of closures available that are compatible with a variety of bottles and jars, no matter the size or mouth type. Anything existing on the market can easily be sourced from Stoelzle, accessing from our stock or NPD.

What are the benefits of sourcing closures for Food & Beverages from Stoelzle?

At Stoelzle, we take food safety and regulations very seriously. We believe it’s our responsibility to provide the best possible solutions to our clients. For that, we cooperate only with the most valuable partners respecting the EFSA regulation. This way, we can guarantee your products are packaged in high-quality packaging and are safe for your customers.

Tell us more about Stoelzle’s wide range of closures.

Stoelzle sources caps and closures from multiple producers which means we can produce more than a single type of closure.

Stoelzle Glass Group has been in the packaging business for over 200 years as a leading glass manufacturer, and we have built up a vast range of capabilities. We have the expertise to provide the packaging you need, whatever it may be.

Our services include: glass manufacture, decoration and closures which ensures clients can access complete packaging solutions from a single point of contact.

Is there any room for individualisation of the caps and closures?

Of course! There is plenty of opportunity. Any closure can be customised according to Minimum Order Quantity, and we advise you on the best solutions available on the market whilst maintaining liquid compatibility and high quality. One way Stoelzle helps you to set yourself apart from competitors is to use the lithography process to individualise standard closures. Besides that, it’s also possible (depending on the type of closure) to make use of embossing, debossing, metallisation, fire-branding, inserts or laser etching.

What advice would you give to clients who are not yet sourcing their caps and closures from Stoelzle?

Glass neck-ring compatibility is one of the most difficult production parameters to consider when it comes to cap compatibility. As a long-standing glass manufacturer, Stoelzle dominates this process and with our closure partners, we provide safe packaging that’s GPI-approved and fully tested. Additionally, you can choose from our many warehouses in the EU and US. All these factors can benefit you when standing out from other brands.

@Ivano, do you want to add anything else?

Myself and my team are always on the road, and are happy to meet with our clients at vendor plants, or at any of Stoelzle’s seven production sites. We welcome you to contact us at any time with questions or concerns with regard to food safety or air-tight sealing. 


Closures for food & beverages

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