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Stoelzle and Darbo have a long-term business relationship. We had the pleasure of being part of the development of the mini jars at Darbo years ago and were thus able to further expand our own portfolio of mini jars.

Darbo is an Austrian company, known for their delicacies made from fruits and honey. With more than 140 years of experience in processing fruit, Darbo is now the market leader in the Austrian jam and honey market. With customers in the gastronomy and processing industries, Darbo delivers their products across borders all over the world.

In production, the company relies on natural raw materials of high quality, which naturally require high-quality packaging. Pretty soon it was clear that glass would best emphasize the benefits of the products. Years ago, we worked with Darbo to develop a 25 ml mini jar, which can now be found on many breakfast tables around the world.

For premium products such as our 28g jams, we also wanted premium packaging, ideally made of glass, as it can be melted down and recycled as often as we like. Stoelzle provided us with beautifully designed and practical packaging here, and we’re proud of our decades of excellent cooperation.

Robert T., Purchasing Manager

Stoelzle and Darbo also have a common connection due to their location in Austria. By producing the mini-jars in Austria, we can keep delivery distances as short as possible – this protects the environment and allows us to act even more flexibly. We are proud to have won Darbo as a customer, appreciate the excellent cooperation and look forward to many more exciting years.

Stoelzle has proven to be a reliable partner for many years, and has also played a major role in the development of our mini-jars, which have become an indispensable part of breakfast buffets and baker’s breakfasts. Darbo mini jars can be found all over the world – from Las Vegas to Hong Kong.

Martin D., CEO

We have been supplying Luis Penalva with spice jars for years and really appreciate the excellent cooperation.

Luis Penalva’s aim was to be supplied by a leader in the glass market – at that point our paths crossed.

Luis Penalva started his business in 1909 and is today one of the best-known brands in Alicante (Spain), specialising in the production of spices. With more than 100 years of experience in the spice market, the company offers their customers only products of the highest quality and safety. Over the years, new brands have developed – for two of them is Stoelzle the preferred supplier of the glass jar.

Most of their delicious spices are packed in glass jars, due to many positive characteristics. Glass is transparent, which makes the product itself visible and gives it a very clean and bright look. In addition, glass is 100% inert –there are no migration hazards with the packaging material, the natural taste is kept. Last but not least, the proper storage conditions were also decisive for the choice of glass as packaging.

We at Stoelzle, strive to be always in personal contact with our customers. We use the opportunity to get in touch with our customers at trade fairs, but even more important is a professional exchange in everyday life. Therefore, we are pleased that this is also very much appreciated by our customers.

We like the great fluency of communication and the professionalism of the employees. Stoelzle staff has always been very efficient and at our disposal for solving any question asked.

David Torregrosa, Export Manager – Luis Penalva S.L.

Together with “OryginalnySok”, we have developed a new trendy juice bottle design – available in two different sizes.

In 2015 the company OryginalnySok, located in Poland, decided to develop a juice brand that is guided by several values – but the most important one is quality. For the company, quality does not only mean processing high-quality raw materials, but also quality in customer service and, of course, in packaging. The company relies on natural ingredients, so there was never any question of choosing packaging other than glass. Quality is also Stoelzle’s top priority – therefore we are proud to have gained such a great customer who shares the same values. Looking for a long-term, flexible and reliable supplier of glass packaging, we finally got in contact with the company. These values are part of Stoelzle’s vision and carried by all our employees.

We like the efficient communication, the reliability and the possibility of being physically present and participating in the production process.

Mr. Krystoforski, Marketing Manager

As mentioned at the beginning, we developed new bottle designs in cooperation with the customer. Based on visual requirements and technical details, we started the development of new glass bottles. Thanks to the good cooperation and the support of our experts, the entire development process was carried out smoothly and on time – this is particularly important for the business and a partnership that should be based on trust. Together we developed a new stunning glass bottle by using embossing to get this wave-optic in the shoulder area of the bottle. Embossing is used to create amazing relief effects. The special feature of embossing is that this type of decoration is applied to the glass already during the molding process.

Experience, competence, professionalism, proper communication and friendly approach to the customer – this is what we like at Stoelzle.

Mr. Krystoforski, Marketing Manager

60g of pure sauce enjoyment – we at Stoelzle supply furore, an Austrian gourmet manufactory, with our 50 ml mini jar.

furore GmbH is a gourmet manufactory based in Austria and specialized in the production of gourmet and fruit mustard sauces. Since 1999 the company stands for quality, originality and regionality. Raw materials as well as their packaging are carefully selected according to these criteria. In Stoelzle, the company has found a partner who shares these values.

Quality – a basic requirement

The satisfaction of our customers is a priority for us, which is why we attach great importance to product safety and quality. All our bottles and jars are subjected to comprehensive quality controls. In addition to the quality of the products, it is also important to us to pack them safely and carefully for transport – this overall package together with our flexibility is also appreciated by furore in our close cooperation.

Regional & Sustainable

furore and Stoelzle are also united by the issue of regionality, as both companies have their headquarters in Austria. The production of the mini jars, which are used for the sauces, takes place directly at our headquarters in Köflach/Austria. This enables us to create short transport routes and to respond even more flexibly to the needs of the customer.

We are always happy to convince local companies of our jars and thus together make a contribution to regionality and sustainability.

We are glad that we have found a partner in Austria who lives our 3 corporate pillars (quality, originality and regionality) with us through the production and delivery of our 60g glass.

Mr. Christian Greber, CEO furore

Stoelzle and Euroglas have a long-term business relationship in which we have worked together on many exciting projects.

Euroglas is a wholesaler and project specialist for glass packaging in the Dach region and works with various European glass producers. We are therefore even more pleased to be able to realize new projects together with the Euroglas team over and over again.
As a distributor, Euroglas serves customers across a wide range of industries – from spice manufacturers and jam producers to premium spirits bottlers. Together with Euroglas, we continue to develop unique glass packaging for unique products.

We are united by our passion for glass as a material. We agree that glass is the number 1 packaging material. It can be recycled an infinite number of times without losing quality and is 100% tasteless. Glass also enjoys a high level of consumer confidence and is the most valuable packaging available for many products.

Every collaboration, every new project requires the highest precision. Euroglas relies on good communication, absolute reliability and flexibility in production. These factors are self-evident for us and that is why we are able to continue this partnership cooperation with Euroglas so successfully.

The communication, flexibility and delivery reliability – STOELZLE has never let us down!

Mr. Jäckle Managing Director of Euroglas

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