Carbon Sake bottle


Based on the observation that there are a limited range of designs currently available in the Sake market, glassmaker Stoelzle set out to create a new brand concept that reflects Japan’s expressive culture.

“We took two elements of Japanese culture: the rice wine drink Sake and Yakisugi, a traditional method of carbonizing wood, to create an exciting new brand and bottle, Carbon Sake,” explains the Stoelzle Flaconnage design team.

Stoelzle’s Carbon Sake bottle sports a bold aesthetic that puts texture front and center. “Our ongoing trend research indicates that texture is akin with premium products,” the glassmaker explains. It conceived a 3D wood texture that covers the entire bottle of acid-etched black glass and provides appropriate relief for mold opening and labeling panels.

The word Carbon is embossed on the front of the bottle in Kanji – one of the three scripts in the Japanese writing system – along with screen printed branding in what is described as “Japanese Red”. The wide bore (32 mm) is a nod to the classic ceramic decanters that inspired the bottle’s design, and “pushes the limits of glass production capabilities using IS machinery.” The 720 ml bottle sports a tapered cork stopper and is sealed with a leather strap.

Source: Luxe Packaging Insight by Formes de Luxe

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