Award: Premium Rum bottle 4X50

Rum 4x50 award winner

It is our great honour to announce that the Premium Rum bottle 4X50, which was designed and manufactured by Stoelzle Flaconnage, resulted winner in the 2020 UK Luxury Packing Awards (Luxury Drinks – Primary Pack Category).

The judges spoke highly of the bottle’s unique shape, the distinctive look, and the great design. The Premium Rum bottle was manufactured for the Austrian brand For Fellows and conveys perfectly the brand’s emotions: Four fellows created a superior product in utmost high quality. By friends. For friends. The precious spirit was aimed to be the world’s first social rum, contemporary but ageless. Global but placeless. The brand believes that the true quality of rum lies not in its age or place of origin, but in the quality of the sugar cane, the quality of the water, and above all, the quality of the distilling.

Fellow Hans Reisetbauer, world-renowned distiller, spent almost a decade learning the art of rum distillation, developing a new standard of super-premium rum. He and his team built a state-of-the-art distillery – completely customized for 4X50. Of course a product as good as 4X50 needed also a design to match. Therefore, the New York-based creative director Alex Wiederin designed the sword-crossed ‘X’ of the logo and developed an iconic bottle featuring sustainable off-cuts of leather from Fellow Markus Meindl’s family leather business, which dates to 1683.

Watch the video announcement and interview with Stoelzle Sales Manager Andreas Lackner to know more details about this stunning project and check out the 4X50 Website.

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