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Sine Vino Overview

SINE VINO RM Handels GmbH has launched a unique concept on the market. Alcohol-free menu accompaniment that is in no way inferior to classic wine accompaniment. Whether drivers or pregnant women, for health or religious reasons, alcohol is not an option for more and more people. With SINE VINO, an alcohol-free alternative accompaniment to food has been created that is ideally suited to the taste buds. Stoelzle Glass Group is proud to complete the concept of SINE VINO with high-quality glass packaging and minimalist decoration to convince even before the first tasting.

The SINE VINO 100ml glass stands out from comparable glass packaging. The notch including the small glass dots, which are embossed on the glass during the glass forming process, give the packaging a unique character and a very special feel. In addition to creating an extraordinary relief effect, these characteristics ensure that the product sits comfortably in the hand when the contents are poured into a wine glass. The simple decoration directly on the glass, which is also realised by Stoelzle, ideally rounds off the SINE VINO packaging concept.

Reinhard Mösl, the founder and managing director of SINE VINO, recognised the potential of an alcohol-free alternative to the classic wine accompaniment at the right time and set about developing it. Along with society's increasing health awareness, people are also becoming more and more aware of the negative effects of alcohol. Concepts such as "Dry January", i.e. a sober first month of the year, are becoming increasingly popular. Even if "Dry January" seems more like a lifestyle concept on social media, there is a deeper thought behind it. Because people are thinking more and more about their own habits and their health consequences.

SINE VINO comes to the market with a range of five different varieties of non-alcoholic menu accompaniment, so that the perfect flavourful counterpart can be served with every dish:

  • Sloe Pink Pepper - Goes ideally with roasted meat and fish, goat and sheep's cheese, salads and much more.
  • Berries Nana Mint - Goes wonderfully with red meat, camembert and desserts such as brownies.
  • Chilli Arabica Coffee - Perfect to go with desserts such as tarts, cakes and cream desserts as well as matured cheeses.
  • Verjus White pepper - Ideally complements dishes with fish or shellfish, salad variations and vegetarian dishes.
  • Verjus Grape Isabella - Goes perfectly with aperitifs, fruit desserts and young hard or soft cheeses.

The company relies exclusively on natural and high-quality ingredients. SINE VINO is a composition of fruit, tea, verjus (juice of the unripe grape) and extracts of spices and herbs.

The collaboration between SINE VINO and the Stoelzle Glass Group is an example of successful partnership, where each party contributes its strengths to create a high-quality and unique product. Stoelzle's glass bottles underline SINE VINO's concept and take it to a new level through high-quality packaging. Experience for yourself what happens when vision and experience come together and enjoy the alcohol-free menu accompaniment of SINE VINO.

To learn more about Sine Vino, visit their website.

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