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CBD products packaged the right way with Stoelzle


CBD - aka, cannabidiol - is one of the main active ingredients found in cannabis (marijuana), and hemp plants. Although cannabis is usually associated with recreational drugs, cannabidiol does not cause a ‘high’ when on its own. The health effects from CBD are becoming widely recognised by many health organisations around the world, and it’s often used to ease a range of symptoms associated with various medical conditions, including: joint pain, anxiety, insomnia, nausea, stress and neurological pain. CBD is earning itself a reputation as a ‘natural organic remedy’ and studies show it can be used without causing obvious mind-altering effects. These findings have led to many countries supporting the use of CBD products, and legally allowing their manufacture and purchase. As research into the benefits of CBD products continues, and more and more health and well-being effects are discovered, it’s leading to an increase in market demand - and the need for suitable packaging solutions.

Stoelzle is a globally renowned manufacturer of glass products, and it’s in our interests to keep an eye on the industries that require the use of glass containers. As well as health and well-being, the pharmaceuticals industry has been in our sights for some time. We already partner with numerous companies around the world, providing safe and sustainable packaging for a range of well-being products, and our services are increasingly extending to serve the CBD industry too.

The importance of glass as the most suitable packaging material.

CBD is an ingredient used in various products, including: creams, cosmetics, nutraceuticals and health / well-being products. As these products are available as oils, tinctures, suppositories, isolates or pills, they require a packaging solution that meets their individual needs as well as adhering to strict health and quality standards. We recommend glass as the best material to package CBD products for its inert qualities with the added benefits of being sustainable and environmentally friendly. Glass also acts as a natural barrier against outside elements, including UV rays. Health and pharmaceutical products often use amber glass to help filter out light and protect the inner product from oxidation, which is especially important when packaging CBD. As world-leading glass manufacturers, Stoelzle has a range of packaging solutions available for CBD products, including GL 18 (EURO) dropper bottles in amber and flint glass from 2.5 to 250 ml - and we’re currently developing new amber jars from 5 - 250 ml. We customise each container to meet the needs of the client and their product, providing an all-in-one solution which includes the closure.

Choosing the right closure for your CBD product.

As well as the container itself, the closure is an important element that plays a big part in the sealing, security and dosage of the inner product - so we also need to guarantee tightness. Safety is another huge consideration for the closure as accurate dosing is paramount. The chosen closure needs to be user-friendly, function properly, preserve the product and avoid leakages. A wide range of closures are used around the world which vary in requirements depending on geographic region. As Stoelzle is a global company that supplies glass containers and closures to many different businesses in a range of countries, we ensure that our packaging solutions comply with the highest international standards, laws and regulations. The types of closures we have available include:

  • Regular closures
  • Tamper evident closures
  • Child-resistant, non-tamper evident closures
  • Child-resistant, tamper evident closures

For CBD products, child-resistant, tamper evident closures are highly recommended for their safety. These closures can help to prevent a child from accessing the inner product and ingesting its contents, preventing accidental poisoning or other harmful effects. There are two types of CR closures that are very effective: ‘push down and turn’ or ‘squeeze lock’, which are designed to be difficult for young children to open by themselves.

Sustainability is our speciality.

Using glass containers for your CBD product helps to ensure you’re doing your bit for the environment. Stoelzle works with their manufacturing partners to produce a range of sustainable containers, caps and closures, enabling their clients to bring their product to the market in an eco-friendly way. Glass is 100% recyclable and is easy to refill and reuse which reduces waste and saves on resources. The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries also like to use black coloured closures, and Stoelze ensures the ones we source for our clients are environmentally friendly. Many black closures are made using carbon-based pigments which are not always recognised as a recyclable product. At Stoelzle we offer black dropper-top closures that are manufactured using carbon-free pigments. This innovative development from our packaging partners helps to reduce waste and reduce CO2 emissions, as well as enabling the material to be recycled.

bolles and jar with cbd bolles and jar with cbd

Why choose Stoelzle as your packaging partner for CBD products?

We provide customers with an all-in-one solution which includes both the container and a suitable cap / closure. We work with our clients to produce customised packaging that meets the needs of the product, and represents the brand. We use high quality materials and first-rate manufacturing processes to produce packaging solutions that protect and preserve the product inside. All our bottles are manufactured according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines (ISO 15378) and are subject to continuous quality checks that meet international regulatory standards (European, Japanese and US pharmacopeia).

With so much to consider when packaging CBD products it pays to partner with Stoelzle. Our experience and expertise means we have all avenues covered when it comes to the manufacture of glass containers, caps and closures, so why not give us a call?

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