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Stölzle Spirits Bottle For Axberg Vodka Results Glass Pack Of The Year

Stölzle Spirits bottle for Axberg Vodka results Glass Pack Of The Year

At yesterday’s ceremony at the Grosvenor House Hotel, London, this year’s winners of the UK Packaging Awards have been revealed. Once more, Stölzle succeeded with one of its great Spirits bottles, developed and manufactured for the Austrian distillery Reisetbauer and was awarded Glass Pack of the Year.

Axberg Vodka is produced by the Austrian Master Distiller Hans Reisetbauer in his hometown of Axberg. Hans grows his own Mulan Winter Wheat and sources his water from an unpolluted alpine spring. Low calcium and low sodium from his water source, combined with the incredibly soft texture of Mulan wheat, gives this vodka an outstanding taste. When it came to design and produce an extraordinary bottle for his Premium Vodka, Hans Reisetbauer once more relied upon the expertise of Stölzle Flaconnage Ltd, the UK based factory which is part of the Stölzle Glass Group.

The bottle design needed to be elegant, sleek and ooze character: after exploring several options, which were originally proposed by Hans Reisetbauer, he chose to go for an 11-sided faceted design, unlikely any other existing spirits bottle.

In order to further enhance its appearance, the customer requested the bottle to be produced in a special grey feeder colour. By a sophisticated precious metal decoration, done at Stölzle Flaconnage, as well, the name AXBERG shines in golden letters on the large front panel and attracts attention to the brand, making it stand out on the ‘shelf’.

The awarded bottle is available in 700ml size and has been manufactured in a 4.5 liters edition for promotional purposes, as well.

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