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“The Dark” Goes For Gold In Several Awards

“The Dark” goes for gold in several awards

We are pleased to announce that another stunning spirits bottle, “the Dark”, which has been manufactured by the British Stölzle plant, Stölzle Flaconnage, has gained outstanding recognition for its design and technical execution in several international packaging & design awards.

The black bottle, produced in feeder coloured glass, shows off with striking Viking symbolism: a serpent dragon has impressively been embossed on the front.

The bottle is a great example of re-using a successful design to create new products. Stölzle replicated the original Macallan bottle dating back to 1876 and modified the existing moulds to create the Earl Magnus, another artisanal style of bottle with hints of Orcadian heritage. Further changes to the basic design took it into its most recent iteration, the ‘Viking Runes’. The symbols where modelled in 3D and grafted onto the base design of the mould. “The Dark” is presented in a bottle and packaging, which reflects Orkney’s Norse and Viking ancestry. It is accompanied by a booklet describing the thinking behind the design on the packaging as well as of course the whisky in the bottle. With only 28,000 bottles produced in ‘feeder’ black, this a unique limited edition spirit.

“The Dark” is the first of two season-inspired Scotch whiskies from Orkney distillery Highland Park, launched in winter 2017. “The Light”, inspired by the spring and summer, was launched in spring 2018 and has been manufactured by Stölzle Flaconnage, as well. “Both editions share the story of the contrasting seasons of our Orkney islands and the resulting intense balance of Highland Park whisky,” said Jason R. Craig, brand director for Highland Park.

“The Dark” was shortlisted in the UK packaging Awards and the UK Luxury Packaging Awards 2018. The stunning whisky bottle has resulted winner of the German Design Awards 2018 and will for sure be one of the promising entries in the World Star Awards 2019.

Source: STO Marketing

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