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Glorious Day For Luxury Brands At Stölzle Flaconnage

Glorious day for Luxury Brands at Stölzle Flaconnage

29th September 2016 was a great day at Stölzle Flaconnage. The British production site of the Stölzle Glass Group invited its customers and partners to celebrate on site the recent rebuild of its white flint furnace and extensive revamp of the whole plant. A prestigious evening also took place in Leeds at The Oulton Hall Hotel, where guests remained impressed by a stunning whisky tasting event. “Stölzle Flaconnage will be our new centre of excellence what regards the development, production and decoration of Premium Prestige Bottles. The recent 17 Mio € investment proves that we trust in our British plant, even in these difficult economic times of Brexit. The UK, and primarily Scotland are definitely the cradle of Whisky. Stölzle relies on its long-term expertise, acquired throughout years of fruitful cooperation with renowned Luxury spirits brand and continues to offer design, development and state-of-the-art production directly in the UK” explains Johannes Schick, CEO of the Stölzle Glass Group.

Taking advantage of a brand new state-of-the-art furnace, IS machines, decoration facilities, and an expert team of innovative designers, Stölzle Flaconnage has become the first choice partner for luxury and premium spirits. Focus will be on tallware, gift products and feeder colouration, all made of cosmetics flint glass with a fire polishing option on all production lines. Most important to Stölzle is still flexibility – being able to manufacture small batches which are very often requested for limited editions of luxury brands.

In 2016 Stölzle further investments were made in modern Cold End inspection facilities and decoration technology, implementing a high speed spraying line and a new automated printing machine and accessory application. Substantial improvements in the plants media supply (water, energy, compressed air) have been realised in order to ensure highly energy efficiency and an environmental friendly operation.


On the picture from left to right: J. Schick (CEO Stölzle), Mayor Harry Ellis, Tony Robinson (Bishop of Wakefield), Angus Duncan (Diageo), Mayoress Janet Ellis, Jackie Black (Chivas Brothers), Thomas RIss (Stölzle), David Moore (Avon)

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