In 1992 Stölzle acquired the small Czech glass factory in Hermanova Hut which had been founded by Karl Stölzle in 1907. This was originally a family business; the factory had two lines and a production staff of 120, concentrating on amber glass packaging for mini spirits and pharmaceuticals. Major investment turned this small gasworks into nowadays most reliable partner in the field of pharmaceutical packaging glass and miniatures for food & spirits.  Within the network of the Stölzle Glass Group, the production capacity of the Czech plant was constantly expanded.

On Christmas Eve 2009 the plant suffered a tragic setback when a disastrous fire destroyed almost the whole production site. Staff from all the different STO plants united in an almost superhuman effort that saw Stölzle-Union reopened in an incredible seven months. But the factory was not simply rebuilt – it rose from the ashes to become one of the best production sites for pharmaceutical packaging glass in Europe. Stölzle set up a regenerative furnace remarkable for its very low energy consumption and optimized NoX emission.




Currently STU produces 140 tons of amber glass per day which corresponds to 600 million containers per annum. All lines dedicated to the production of pharmaceutical packaging glass are equipped with state-of-the-art control and packaging machines as well as laminar flow clean room technology.

Plant Manager (Technical Leadership)

Ing. Libor Kraft

Stölzle-Union s.r.o
U Sklárny 300
330 24 Heřmanova Huť, Czech Republic
Phone:  +420 377-882-511
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Commercial Manager

Jiří Flandera

Stölzle-Union s.r.o
U Sklárny 300
CZ-330 24 Heřmanova Huť
Phone:  +420 377-882-522